Isinki & Partners is a law firm based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, and advises its clients in non-controversial matters as well as it represents them in judicial litigation, mediation or arbitration. Our firm has been founded on the initiative of Olivier Doly Isinki and, our lawyers go beyond the law to find a genuine way to secure the best solution for our clients. The firm is at the disposal of local and international companies doing business in DRC or otherwise dealing with DRC. As the country is part of OHADA, a regional organization gathering 17 African countries having their business law harmonized and codified, we provide legal advices with respect to cross-border business transactions in a major part of French speaking Africa covered by the OHADA treaty. Our large network of collaborative firms allows us to extend our scope of action.

Corporate law, international business transactions, contracts, mining law, legal assessment of investment projects, public contracts, debts recovery, litigation and arbitration are within the scope of our legal practice. We handle real estate, family law and criminal law matters as well.

We walk aside our clients from the very beginning of their projects, handling every legal matter through the life of their business. We minimize the risks to avoid controversies. However, controversies are inherent part of business. That’s why we handle controversial disputes and represent our clients on trial and appellate level in judicial litigation as well as on arbitration or mediation proceedings.

The firm is about to open a new office in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America and to bring the knowledge of civil law legal system along with the useful cultural and political environment knowledge in order to assist American companies doing business in Africa.

With respect to this goal, Olivier Isinki offers a unique legal consultancy for common law legal practitioners involved in international arbitration through interpretation, research, analysis with a genuine civil law system approach of legal material such as statutes, jurisprudence, substantive or procedural law, contracts, or various pieces of evidence.    

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